Mindfulness Vancouver!

It is so refreshing to see how many people are realizing the power of learning to live mindfully.  My MBSR class that started few weeks ago filled up quickly.  Participants who signed up found my class on line as they were searching where they could go to learn more mindfulness.

Every day I see the benefits of mindfulness in the lives of people around me.  For example, a young woman who was quite impacted by her panic disorder took the MBSR class twice, and at the end of the last class, she said to me that her last panic attach occurred on the day of her first MBSR class.  She never had another panic attack!

Another participant who struggled with bi-polar disorder was emotional at the end of the last class because she said that she would not have not been able to finish graduate school if it wasn’t for MBSR.

In my personal life, I find that being able to tolerate distress and still feel some sense of calm can be what allows me to get through difficult times.

As every day goes by, I feel more and more committed to this practice.

I will be starting a fee meditation class soon, so keep checking for more information!