Mindfulness allows us to train our minds in order to gain mastery rather than feel at the mercy of anxious or depressive or worrisome thoughts that become invasive and torturous.

Through practices of mental and body awareness, mindfulness gives you the tools to manage life’s difficulties and challenges with more clarity and mastery. Mindfulness is both a practice and a philosophy of life. Mindfulness refers to the practice of being present moment to moment with open awareness to what arises.

Mindfulness is intensive training in the art of mastering our minds; of learning how to free ourselves from oppressive and suffocating thoughts.

Mindfulness is a practice that trains us to be grounded in the present rather than tortured by the past or anxious about the future. In this way, we are able to have clarity and mastery over our lives and our emotions.

Individual counselling
Couple’s counselling
Counselling for eating disorders
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Soon to be offered: Mindfulness Skills for Successful Self-Management, ACT on Anxiety, Mindfulness Based Self-Compassion,

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